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2016 Residential Style Trends

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2016 has brought with it an abundance of residential style trends. From better-built homes, to bringing the outdoors in, these trends are sure to bring inspiration to your own home. 1. More resilient, sustainable homes Homes are being built to better withstand natural disasters. The Insurance institute for Business and Home Safety’s FORTIFIED Home program …continue reading »

Moving Do’s and Don’ts

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Packing, moving, and then unpacking is a hassle, whether you are moving down the street, or moving from coast to coast. Before you take on this daunting task, let us share some insight to save you from unwanted frustration. Here are 10 moving do’s and don’ts to guide you towards a stress-free move, that will …continue reading »

Morning Robbery Averted Due to Drone | Downtown Tulsa

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Super Dave Saves The Day in Downtown Tulsa. Two arrests were made Monday morning after a business burglary – and a short chase – by a drone. That eyewitness was talking to a drone pilot outside The Vault, a popular downtown restaurant, where the break-in happened, so when the suspects took off, the drone did too. …continue reading »

Waco Weekend Getaway Guide

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We can all agree that Waco has a charm that seems to endear all who call the city home, but sometimes the road just seems to beckon. If you have an itch for adventure, take advantage of Waco’s prime coordinates and take a trip down the road to a nearby hot spot– We promise home …continue reading »