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How to deal with Awful Neighbors

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We’ve all been there at some point. Unkempt lawns, pesky dogs, unruly kids, junky cars.That neighbor is in every neighborhood. It’s only a matter of time before you discover who it is, and hopefully it’s not you! But how do you deal with bad neighbors? Let me tell you: declaring war is not an option. …continue reading »

What You Need to Know Before Taking on a Fixer Upper

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Fixer upper homes can be frightening, but with the right preparation and knowledge, your soon-to-be revamped crib could be worthy of its own HGTV show. Here’s what to know ahead of time before you commit to that seemingly charming, but run-down 1920s bungalow: Know your budget and its’ boundaries. Be realistic! Don’t let it suck …continue reading »

How to Prepare Your Home for Appraisal

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  Having your home appraised is a necessary, but daunting process. Your home and all of its’ glory will be inspected and judged to determine its’ monetary value. It’s an important step to determine how to price your home if you are in the market to sell, or find out what necessary updates need to …continue reading »

How to Ensure Your Pet is a Good Rental Resident

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Pets are extremely important to the daily post-work, de-stressing regiment. But, while you’re enjoying the wonderful healing powers of your furry friend, don’t let them become “that dog” or “that cat” the neighbors wish would mysteriously disappeared in the middle of the night. Property owners and leasing agents are becoming increasingly and understandably strict on …continue reading »

My, How We’ve Grown! Waco in Expansion Mode for 50 Months and Counting!

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During the past few years, Waco has hit a growth spurt. Over a century since its’ founding, Waco is finally coming into her own. A late bloomer no doubt, but as you know, greatness takes time. You may recall that Mark Twain didn’t publish his first book until he was 34. (The world had to …continue reading »

2016 Residential Style Trends

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2016 has brought with it an abundance of residential style trends. From better-built homes, to bringing the outdoors in, these trends are sure to bring inspiration to your own home. 1. More resilient, sustainable homes Homes are being built to better withstand natural disasters. The Insurance institute for Business and Home Safety’s FORTIFIED Home program …continue reading »

Moving Do’s and Don’ts

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Packing, moving, and then unpacking is a hassle, whether you are moving down the street, or moving from coast to coast. Before you take on this daunting task, let us share some insight to save you from unwanted frustration. Here are 10 moving do’s and don’ts to guide you towards a stress-free move, that will …continue reading »