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Morning Robbery Averted Due to Drone | Downtown Tulsa

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Super Dave Saves The Day in Downtown Tulsa.

Two arrests were made Monday morning after a business burglary – and a short chase – by a drone.

That eyewitness was talking to a drone pilot outside The Vault, a popular downtown restaurant, where the break-in happened, so when the suspects took off, the drone did too.

David Bell is the parking manager for the building that HARRELL Realty Management Systems, Inc. manages in Tulsa, OK.

Bell usually flies his drone around the downtown Tulsa area in the mornings when he finishes his duties checking to make sure all of the cars in the parking lot of 616 and 633 S. Boston Ave., have the proper credentials. This morning was a little different when he launched his drone in the sky.

Before today, he’s never needed to chase down burglars.

He was outside The Vault, upstairs at what’s called the Tom Tom Room, when he and another man saw someone come out of a broken window with two bottles of scotch.

When the burglars left the vault, they walked across the street to a park bench and started drinking. What they didn’t know was that they were being followed overhead, by a drone.

“He’s oblivious of it, never heard it I guess,” Bell said. “[He] went down to a park bench, sat down and started drinking the bottle of liquor he stole.”

With Bell watching the live feed, the police were guided right to them.

Officers arrested two men, one for public intoxication and the other for the break-in.

“They were busted, but they kind of didn’t believe that,” Billings said. “‘What? You have a drone?’ Yes, we do.”

*Article taken from News On 6 article.

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